We never thought that we would use the words jeans and Kevlar in the same sentence but life has proven us wrong. Yes, denim and Kevlar can go together. Case in point, biker jeans made by the Tobacco Motorwear Company. This product makes a lot of sense on so many levels – protection being the most important one since Kevlar will literally save your skin if you happen to fall off a motorcycle.

Everything about these jeans is exceptional. First of all, there is Cone Mills denim which has been the leading supplier of denim brands since 1891. The denim used here is called White Oak Selvedge (or self-edge) which is named after the tightly woven edge of the denim that is so strong that it won’t unravel. Jeans made from White Oak Selvedge are durable, robust and perfect for motorcycle lifestyle.

Kevlar lined motorcycle jeans from Tobacco Motorwear

Tobacco’s Kevlar-lined jeans are also made from raw denim, a rare type of denim considering that maybe only ten percent of jeans are considered raw. This is a type of denim which at first feels very rigid and crisp, but as you break it in it will crease and perfectly shape to your body.

Kevlar lined motorcycle jeans

Now, for the protection. Tobacco Motorwear’s jeans are lined with 100% DuPont Kevlar which is considered one of the strongest fabrics ever made. Although, this is a tough material, resistant to abrasion, heat and puncture, it is also surprisingly soft and comfortable to wear. The jeans are lined with Kevlar in just the right places, i.e. all high abrasion areas from your waist down to your shins. It also fully covers your rear and back.

As for the fit… Well, this is a classic jean that will always be in style. Based on the famous American brands like Lee and Levi’s, Tobacco’s Kevlar-lined jeans have slim-straight cut meaning they are not too tight, not too skinny and not too loose. The waists come in sizes: 29, 30, 32, 34, 36 and 38, and the lengths come in 34 for sizes 29 and 30, and 36 for 32 and up. [via] watch video below

Kevlar lined khaki motorcycle jeans

Kevlar lined motorcycle jeans

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