KEF are known as innovators in sound technology, but their products are not just technically superb, but also very fashion forward and can definitely work as a great conversation point on several topics.

The same goes for the KEF M500, priced at $299.95, KEF’s first attempt in the headphone market. The M500 are pretty pricey and this might seem as a very brave move for a newcomer in the niche, but, looking at the product, KEF might actually do pretty well.

Design-wise, the M500 are pretty good. The clean-looking sandblasted aluminum frame seems very reliable and well-built. The pack also includes two tangle-proof cables, both of which are 1.3m long, but they are not completely the same. While one is a simple cable, the other one features an in-line microphone and three control buttons. They get connected to the M500 via the 2.5mm input jack located at the left earpiece. The other side features a common 3.5mm connector that fits perfectly into almost any tablet, computer, smartphone or any other music source.

KEF M500

Hinges on two axes help the pads fit your head firmly, but comfortably. Headband adjustment is pretty stiff, but this actually gives the feeling of sturdiness, which is good. The pads do not have active noise cancelling feature, but they do provide satisfying isolation.

Sound quality, though rather good, might be taken as a minor flaw with sound purists. All the aspects are more than satisfying, the bass is very warm and present, but the midrange could have a little more detail. Still, listening to the M500 for a longer time is a pleasurable experience, and only the real purists will have a reason to bicker and this only for the sake of conversation, rather than for having a viable reason.

The M500s are great. They fit perfectly – not too tight, or too loose – they are made of aluminum, so remarkably light and durable, as well as beautiful. Having in mind that this is KEF’s first attempt in this market, we have to say that the M500 are a great introduction and that the company will present a real competition in the market after they have gained some experience should they decide to move in the same direction.

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KEF M500 Headphones 006

KEF M500 Headphones

KEF M500 volume control

KEF M500

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