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The 3000 years old standard umbrella design is finally being revolutionized without affecting the aesthetics and usability of a regular umbrella. The KAZbrella, designed by a start-up company KAZ Designs, is an umbrella which opens from the inside out. Some of you might think that this feature is not something special, but this unconventional way of unfolding the KAZbrella and its spectacular engineering make it a coveted item for several reasons.

It is no secret that standard umbrellas, although in use in their current form for the past 300 years, have a couple of downsides which are immensely annoying. First of all, no one likes to carry around a dripping wet umbrella and people around you must always be wary when you are unfolding it, otherwise they risk an eye injury. The KAZbrella makes all of these issues a thing of the past.

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KAZbrella functionality

The KAZbrella offers more functionality without sacrificing aestethics

Like we have said, the KAZbrella opens from the inside out. This patented design allows the wet side of the umbrella to be on the inside once you fold it. This means that you don’t have to worry at all about a dripping umbrella anymore. Apart from that, its folding mechanism is superior to that of standard umbrellas as it allows you to unfold the KAZbrella in confined spaces so you don’t have to first get out of your car and unfold your umbrella and get wet in the process.

KAZbrella instructions

The KAZbrella is very easy to use

The KAZbrella is also quite efficient when facing strong gusts of wind due to its double spoked design. If, by some chance, the wind gets the better of it and blows it inside out, you can restore it to its original form with a simple press of a button. The high level of durability of this umbrella is achieved with excellent engineering and great materials. The KAZbrella is made from an aircraft-grade aluminum shaft, lightweight fiberglass spokes, and a water repellent-coated, breathable double canopy.

KAZbrella unfolding

KAZbrella unfolding

Press the button at the top of the handle and push upwards to unfold your KAZbrella

KAZ Designs, being a start-up company, have opted for crowd-funding in order to raise the funds necessary for making the KAZbrella available for purchase and luckily for all who are interested in it, they have met their goal. You can pre-order the basic one on their Kickstarter page for $53, and if you are looking for something to set your new umbrella apart from the rest, KAZ Designs offer personalized packages with your initials on the KAZbrella or the logo of your company. Of course, the personalized packages are a bit more expensive.

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Check out the KAZbrella Kickstarter campaign video.

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