KARSA Chair by Rudesign’s Marko Runjić – Sturdy and Practical Design

The KARSA chair comes from Serbian designer Marko Runjić of Rudesign located in the city of Novi Sad. Originally an architect, this is not the first attempt of this talented young man when it comes to furniture design.

The KARSA chair is consisted of 22 elements made of soft expanded PVC or cardboard that are put together using a grid of 3 mm bamboo sticks. In addition, sitting area is covered with a rubber gasket that makes longer use more pleasant and completes the design.

Speaking of the design, the interplay of the gridded elements makes the chair look different based on the viewpoint of the observer. As you change your position, the chair seems to react to your movement which gives it flowing character.

Marko Runjic sitting on the KARSA Chair by Marko Runjic from Rudesign

Moreover, a simple light push to the sides of the chair makes it flatten in order to take up a lot less space, which is perfect for transport or fitting behind a closet or under the bed when not in use. The same action enables you to adapt the form of the chair to your needs, since any interposition between fully stretched and fully flattened is possible. These interpositions do not make the construction unstable due to the fact that it is secured by the weight of the occupant, which means that the chair remains fully functional, while allowing you to adjust its shape according to the space available to you or based on your stylistic preferences.

Weighing 6kg (13.2 lbs), dimensions fully opened are L 90cm W 90cm H 60cm and dimensions when folded L 120cm W 10cm H 60cm.

KARSA Chair with cushion by Marko Runjic

Folded view of the KARSA Chair by Marko Runjic

Front view of the KARSA Chair by Marko Runjic

Side view of the KARSA Chair by Marko Runjic

[images via Aleksandar Šukic]

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