If Bruce Lee were alive today, and if he succumbed to the consumer culture of the 21st century, which we seriously doubt he would, this would probably be one of the products that he would endorse – it is called Karate Lettuce Chopper. It is really not that hard to guess what this product is used for, but, in the words of one of its more humorous users it is “sufficient for maiming dangerous heads of lettuce as well as other harmful fruits and vegetables”.

Karate Lettuce Chopper, sold by a San Francisco-based consumer product design company Gamago, is quite a sharp ‘black belt’ knife that will chop up a head of lettuce, cabbage or any fruits and vegetables, for that matter, in no time. The founders of Gamago – Chris Edmundson & Greg Long – say that their main focus is designing original, fun to have consumer products, just like Karate Lettuce Chopper. Their products have been very popular with the consumers for the past two years, earning the company placement on the SFBiz Times Fast 100 list.

Karate lettuce chopper knife

Karate Lettuce Chopper is also a fun gift to give to somebody who is not necessarily into martial arts but spends considerable time in the kitchen chopping food, and always searching for an efficient kitchen gadget to make the whole process faster and easier. The chopper is dishwasher safe and its dimensions are 11.2 x 4 inches.

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Karate lettuce chopper

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