Kano DIY Computer Kit | Smart Way To Get Your Kid Into Coding


In this modern and technological age, it’s very important to prepare your kids for the high-tech world they’re going to live in. Most of the jobs and careers are going to be closely related to computers and electronics, so your kid has to be ready. This Kano Computer Kit offers the perfect opportunity for your child to learn about these essential devices through fun games and challenges.

Kano Computer Kit is good for kids and everyone who wants to gain some basic knowledge about computers. The kit comes complete with a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, ARM 900MHz Quad-Core processor and 1GB RAM. Besides this, you’ll get one 8GB micro-SD Card packed with the latest Kano OS. On that OS, you will find lots of projects and games.

Kit unpacked captured from above.

Kano Kit contains wireless Kano keyboard and mouse, speaker and HDMI cable.

In the box, there’s also a DIY speaker, one wireless Kano keyboard and one mouse that you can connect using USB cable or Bluetooth. Besides all that, the Kano Computer Kit comes with illustrated and intuitive Kano books that will help your kid learn quickly through fun drawings and interactive text.

Packed kit captured from above.

You’ll also get illustrated and intuitive Kano books filled with instructions for coding.

The design of the parts is very pleasant and fun, so your child is going to feel very comfortable using these. Kano Computer Kit is not just about the construction of the hardware, it offers a great opportunity for kids and young adults to learn the basics of coding. Just connect it to your TV or Kano screen and start learning the language of the future.

Keyboard and other accessories captured from above.

Kano Computer Kit has an ARM 900MHz Quad-Core CPU and 1GB RAM.

Kano kit attached to the screen.

You can attach your Kano kit to your TV or Kano screen.

When it comes to other accessories, this kit also has a custom case, stencils and stickers, one HDMI cable, Wifi dongle and a Mini-USB power supply (US plug). All of these are brightly colored and completely safe for your kid to use. A lot of educators, artists, parents and kids participated in the making of this computer kit, so basically every detail is created in a way to help kids learn faster and through fun.

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Kid learning coding captured from the side.

This kit is great for kids and young adults who want to learn about coding.

Check out the presentation of the Kano Computer Kit here.

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