KampRite Double TentCot | An Elevated Double Tent


Earlier last week, we mentioned a unique sleeping bag from the Land Down Under. This time around, we are bringing you something with just as much uniquity. Introducing the KampRite Double TentCot.

The KampRite is unique in the fact that it functions much like the Australian ‘Swag’, but it is also elevated off the ground.

Essentially, the KampRite is both a stretcher and a tent combined into one. Needless to say, it is a phenomenal camping accessory. Check out the How-to video below.

KampRite Double TentCot with sleeping bags and covers rolled up

Simply place some blankets or sleeping bags in it and you are set for an awesome camping trip.

The KampRite features a 420D nylon fabric construction that has a TPU of 190. Essentially, this means that this tent is completely waterproof. It also comes with tie-up windows and doors that are meshed for no-see-um’s. This encourages a 360-degree airflow that is essential for warmer climates.

KampRite Double TentCot with doors and windows closed

The doors and windows can either be closed completely, or partially opened with a mesh to keep no-see-ums out.

Furthermore, the legs of the cot are suspended 11 inches off the ground. This keeps you safe from all forms of ground roaming critters. In other words, you never have to worry about insects, snakes, mice, or rain, for that matter.

The TentCot’s frame is constructed out of lightweight and durable aluminum. It also features anti-vibration nuts and bolts that won’t rust or loosen.

It’s also a breeze to set up and transport. It comes with a heavy duty carrying bag to make everything easier and is quite compact. When folded up, it measures in at 53 x 7 x 31 inches and when it is set up, it measures 84 x 40 x 53 inches. Essentially, it’s almost as large as a queen-sized bed. It also has a carrying capacity of 500 pounds and comes with a one year warranty.

Get it from Amazon here.

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