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Zambia is one of the top vacation destinations in Africa, particularly for safaris since the country has the best and most exciting game reserves in the world. Zambia is also famous for the biggest known curtain of falling water – Victoria Falls, the longest lake in the world – Lake Tanganyika and one of the most thrilling white water rafting destinations on the planet – the Zambezi River.  But, let’s talk about safari and a resort that will provide you with all the essentials for an unforgettable stay – the Kafunta River Lodge.

The Kafunta River Lodge is the most sought after location in the Luangwa valley. It lies in a forest on the banks of the Luangwa River, and is opened all year around. Here you will be able to spot wildlife wherever you turn, particularly at Kafunta’s own waterhole. The accommodation at the Kafunta River Lodge is private chalets, constructed on elevated platforms, with mahogany floors, thached roofs, and interiors finished to highest standards. Each chalet has its on porch with a stunning view across the waterhole, and a deluxe bathroom.

Room at Kafunta River Lodge

The Lodge’s dining area is situated under a very old and tall wild mango tree which will give you much needed shade during hot and sunny days. Nearby, the staff lights a camp fire each night and guests usually gather around to share their experiences under the African night sky.

Restaurant at Kafunta River Lodge

The Kafunta River Lodge has everything that you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay – a swimming pool, a natural hot spring tub, a wellness hideaway (in an indigenous looking hut), a bar service, and laundry facilities.

But the Lodge is the most famous for its walking safari trips and game drives. To get to the Mfuwe sector, and the abundant wildlife, you will have to cross a pontoon bridge. Early morning is the best time for game drives. In the afternoons, the safari guides will take you to the bush to experience unforgettable African sunsets, and, when it gets dark, you will be taken to watch nocturnal animals – civets, porcupines, and an occasional leopard – come out. watch video below

Restaurant at Kafunta River Lodge

Bathroom at Kafunta River Lodge

Outdoor dining at Kafunta River Lodge

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