Julia & Bjorn House

Located on an Austrian hillside, Julia & Bjorn House maintains the traditional look of a wooden countryside house while adding a modern and minimalistic touch. This two-storey house is perfectly nestled between a lime tree and a walnut tree, in a peaceful Bregenz Forest area.

The house is designed to be practical and to protect its occupants from different weather conditions. The exterior is covered with crisscrossing wooden strips while the interior features different types of local wood. “Because the house is built in the countryside, the decoration is intentionally discreet but does not lose anything by the fact that the house is clearly structured, has a steep roof and structural elements such as roof cantilevers.” explained the architects.

The Exterior Of Julia & Bjorn House

Julia & Bjorn House is a two-storey house located in Austrian hillside.

The Entrance To Julia & Bjorn House

The house is built on a steep area, so both floors meet the ground.

Closets, shelves, kitchen, and walls were built using spruce, in its natural finish. The wood is combined with hand-made plaster surfaces in order to create the contrast. The lower floor is where the eating, living and cooking area is. The living room is separated with a useful wood burning stove that can be used for hot water and heating.

The Kitchen In Julia & Bjorn House

Big windows provide plenty of natural light.

Julia & Bjorn House Wooden Walls

The interior uses local wood in its natural finish.

Julia & Bjorn House Living Area

The living area.

Big windows are there to provide a view of the village and let lots of natural light in. Because the area is steep, both floors can meet the ground. The lower floor features two sheltered terraces and the upper level consists of one master suite, two small bedrooms, a study and a utility room that leads to the garage.

Julia & Bjorn House Dining Table And Staircase

The interior wood is combined with white surfaces.

Julia & Bjorn House Attic

The upper floor is where the bedrooms and study are.

Julia & Bjorn House Study and Bathroom Door

The rooms maintain the minimalistic design of the house.

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