Ask any cook what are the most dreaded cooking tasks, and they will probably tell you – peeling, chopping, cutting, grating, and other wonderfully tedious food preparation activities. And how about a smelly and messy challenge of peeling garlic?

Thank goodness for a London-based industrial design consultancy Goodwin Hartshorn and their wonderful little invention called ‘The Rocker’, a stainless steel garlic crusher.

The consultancy was commissioned by a kitchenware company Joseph & Joseph to come up with a new (less fetid) approach to crushing garlic and they did just that by designing ‘The Rocker’. What does this little gadget do? Due to its curved design, the Rocker evenly crushes garlic cloves by using a simple rocking motion, forcing the pieces up through the mesh of holes in its base. The garlic pieces are then spooned or scraped into a pan. The device can even be used with two or three garlic cloves at the same time.

This garlic press is very simple to use and clean. Just rinse it under running water or wash it in dishwasher. Since the Rocker Garlic Crusher is made from stainless steel (which has natural odour fighting properties), it also removes the garlic odour from users’ fingers. watch video below

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Details about the Joseph Joseph Rocking Garlic Crusher Stainless Steel

Steps for using the Joseph Joseph Rocking Garlic Crusher Stainless Steel

Different colors of the Joseph Joseph Rocking Garlic Crusher Stainless Steel

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