John Deere has been around for more than a century and their products have a very high and well deserved reputation for durability, ruggedness and sheer functionality. Looking at the John Deere RSX850I Gator, we can add fun to the list.

The off-road two-seater provides amazing fun at the unbeaten track. The engine in the Gator is liquid-cooled 839ccm V-twin petrol unit with four valves per cylinder and it produces 62 hp which gives the top speed of 53 mph. However, you will not go this fast off-road very often, so the acceleration figure to 30 mph of just about 3 seconds might be a bit more interesting.

Still, power isn’t everything when it comes to off-road driving. You need to have high-quality brakes, four-wheel independent suspension (with amazing 9” travel), confident handling and, probably most importantly, the drive system which makes perfect balance between fast acceleration, hauling, towing, and hill-climbing.

John Deere RSX850I Gator

Storage capabilities might also be important when you have to get something to a remote location and the John Deere RSX850I Gator provides 1.82 cu ft of sealed storage. Large glove box, under hood and between seats storage and even two cup holders make the Gator even more capable.

The ride in the Gator is also great. Very supportive seats keep you confidently in place as you climb the hills, or make sharp, drift-inducing, turns on dirt-covered roads.

Visiting the manufacturer’s site will allow you to build your own Gator, choosing between three different options and loads of compatible equipment which can change the price a bit.

John Deere RSX850I Gator

John Deere RSX850I Gator recreational vehicle

John Deere RSX850I Gator in Black

John Deere RSX850I Gator recreational vehicle

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