Johammer J1 was created by an Austrian company which is pushing the boundaries of the electric vehicles industry, both in terms of design and, more importantly, of range. And, best of all, the Johammer J1 is not a concept, but a fully available production model.

When it comes to design, it does seem a bit weird. It is a peculiar mixture of a mean chopper and – a snail. However, the strange looks are not just for the effect, but they also hide stunning technical features.

The J1 has the wheelbase of 57”, which is important for higher speed cruising. There are two versions which differ in price and range – you will need $32,000, or $34,600 for the ranges of 93, or 124 miles respectively. The motor is a 15hp electric unit cleverly placed at the back wheel, freeing the middle for the battery. The top speed is limited to 74mph. There is one downside to this machine – its weight. The lighter version weighs 350lb and the heavier one is 42lb bulkier, but low placement of heavy elements actually increases handling and safety. So, even the weight works in Johammer J1’s advantage.

Johammer J1 electric motorcycle

Speaking of safety, the Johammer J1 has disc brakes and innovative front suspension that excludes forks but separates breaking from suspension movements, reduces front dive when the rider hits the breaks and improves turning capabilities, all of which are essential in city riding.

The conspicuous mirrors have additional features as well. They include LED lights and turn signals, but on the inside you will also find LCD screens that show speed, odometer, charge level and other riding essentials.

Also, this innovative setup removed the need for any foot controls which enabled the designers to leave way for two leg positions. You can choose a sporty bent-knees position, or the more relaxed touring oriented position.

Johammer J1

Johammer J1 electric motorcycle

Backlights of the Johammer J1

Johammer J1 side mirror with speed info

Seat on the Johammer J1

Johammer J1 side mirror with speed info

Side view of Johammer J1

Johammer J1 top view

Johammer J1 electric motorcycle


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