Jim Olson’s Cabin Retreat | 55 Years in the Making


After recently featuring another architect from Olson Kundig Architects, today we’re here to tell you about Jim Olson’s project that’s gonna blow you away. The sole fact that it has been in the process of creation for fifty-five years should tell you enough about it, but let us tell you some more details about the Cabin Retreat

At the age of 18, Jim Olson began to build a cabin for his family in Longbranch, Washington. It started off as a 14-square-foot lake house and in the years that followed it grew not only in size but also in design, creativity, inspiration and beauty. The so-called renovations took place in 1981, 1997, 2003 and 2014, each adding a new layer to the cabin. We say so-called because they weren’t typical renovations – they were building over each other, leaving evidence of the history the cabin has been through, incorporating itself into the nature around it.

Jim Olson's Cabin Retreat

It took 55 years but now it’s finally here – and can you say it wasn’t worth it?

Jim Olson's Cabin Retreat

Each piece of the cabin is incorporated with the nature around it.

Each adjustment to this amazing space made it more modern and, somehow, at the same time, more “natural”. It features floor-to-ceiling windows that give an amazing view at the surroundings, and the exposed roof structure shows off the glulam beams that span between the steel columns. It was made to accommodate three trees, allowing them to grow through its composition and thus not destroying the nature it was built upon.

Jim Olson's Cabin Retreat inside

Fully equipped and ready for someone lucky enough to set their foot inside – Jim Olson’s Cabin Retreat in Longbranch.

The cabin retreat in Longbranch is a place everyone would wish to own and be able to spend a family weekend or a romantic holiday. It’s totally equipped with modern furniture and following equipment, making this amazing combination of nature and technology complete. [via]

Jim Olson's Cabin Retreat at night

Imagine spending the night here…

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