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Japanese Nanbu cast ironware has a reputation for more than 900 years. Now, this traditional craftsmanship is used for making a Japanese Iron Oven. With ultra-thin, 2.25 mm walls it can be used for endless cooking options and it’s definitely built to last.

What’s special about this Japanese Iron Oven is that it’s a three-piece, standard sized cast iron cook set including a pot, a skillet, and a lid, perfect for slow-cooking. The skillet can also be used as a frying pan. Another thing that contributes to its quality are very strong handles- there’s a wire handle as well as the cast handle on the lid. Also on the lid, there’s a fine-grained sand mold.

Three Pieces Of Japanese Iron Oven

This three piece cooking set is made with ultra-fine Japanese casting technologies. It consists of a pot, skillet, and a lid.

With its ultra-thin technology and the fact that you can use it for several cooking options, it won’t take much space and you can store it wherever you like. Because of the handles, this oven is easily portable. Simply put it in your trunk and take with you camping or place on the grill for when you want to cook something special at home. Check out the video below

Cooking Chicken In Japanese Iron Oven

In Japanese Iron Oven you can cook whatever you like. It’s a great option for camping.

As for the capacity, the pot has a 1.4 gallon and skillet a 0.6 gallon capacity. The dimensions of this Iron Oven are 16.5 x 13.8 x 6.7 inches and it weighs 16.8 lb.

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Three Images Of Japanese Iron Oven

With its low weight and useful handles, Japanese Iron Oven is easily portable.

Check out this video to see how Japanese Iron Oven is made. 

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