January’s Top Picks From Huckberry

In this list, we decided to put together some of the January’s top picks found on Huckberry.

You’ll see the coolest, most stylish and functional products for all sorts of purposes, from clothing and furniture items to useful gear and gadgets.

This list can come in handy whether you need traveling accessories or an inspiration for a gift. Check it out bellow.

1 – Be-elastic Snap Legs

Be-elastic Snap Legs

Be-elastic Snap Legs allow you to turn a flat surface into a table in just a few simple steps.

Snap Legs by Be-elastic are a great way to turn any surface into a table and refresh your living space. The only thing you should have in mind is that the surface should be flat. It’s very easy to use them since you don’t need any tools. Snap legs are made from steel and covered with epoxy paint making them tough and durable. They come in different colors and when you don’t need a table anymore, it’s super easy to disassemble it. The clamp system along with PVC cable will ensure the table is very stable and four of them can hold up to 154 lbs.

BUY | $125

2 – We Took To The Woods Candles

We Took To The Woods Candles

We Took To The Woods Candles are wrapped in bark, can burn for more than 40 hours and come in a number of subtle scents.

We Took To The Woods Candles are inspired by the woods and changing of the seasons. They’re prepared with care, each one is hand-crafted from start to finish and then hand-poured into glass containers. To make them look unique, the candles are wrapped in bark. They are made from pure soy wax and 100% cotton wicks and can burn for more than 40 hours. You can get them in different scents, Alpine Cottage Candle is Tea Rose scented, In The Glen Candle is a mixture of Cedar and Pine and Whiskey River Candle has a subtle tobacco and amber scent.

BUY | $39.98

3 – Filson x Shinola Mackinaw Field Watch

Filson x Shinola Mackinaw Field Watch

The Mackinaw Field Watch is made for the outdoors, it’s very durable and water resistant upto 660 feet.

The Mackinaw Field Watch is made by Filson and Shinola to withstand the rugged outdoors and all the demands of the field. The stainless steel case features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. Everything is secured by six screws making this watch very durable. Just like the case, the straps are also tough. They’re made from military-grade NATO nylon and the numbers on the watch dial are quite big to maximize readability. This watch is water resistant upto 660 feet.

BUY | $600

4 – Powerall Power Bank And Jump Starter


Use Powerall to charge portable devices, jump start your car or use it as a flashlight.

Powerall is one of those remarkable devices you can use for many different purposes. First of all, you can use it to charge your portable devices like smartphones, tablets and cameras. This is especially useful when traveling. If you’re on the road and your car stops, you can use Powerall to jump start your vehicle in just a few seconds. It has a jump start capacity for a 6.2L engine. And finally, it can serve as a flashlight with three modes- Solid On, Strobe, and SOS Flash. When in SOS Flash mode, the battery can last up to 120 hours. Powerall weighs 14 oz and is charged via USB adapter.

BUY | $125

5 – Flint And Tinder 10-Year Hoodie

Flint And Tinder 10-Year Hoodie

Made to last at least a decade, this hoodie is comfortable and will keep you warm.

Not often do you hear that a simple clothing item like a hoodie is made to last at least a decade. Flint And Tinder 10-Year Hoodie is made to last long, provide you with comfort and keep you warm. Each one is hand-made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester and uses a garment-dye process that makes it very soft. Stress points and safety seams are reinforced for durability and the hoodie is pre-shrunk. It has two outer front pockets and one that’s hidden inside the hoodie. You can get it in different colors.

BUY | $80

6 – The Algonquin Field Jacket By Guideboat Co.

The Algonquin Field Jacket By Guideboat Co.

The Algonquin Field Jacket is very comfortable, soft and stylish.

Here’s one more great piece of clothing. The Algonquin Field Jacket is made to be both functional and stylish. It’s tailored from Japanese Yarn-dyed cotton that makes it very soft and comfortable. This jacket has plenty of pockets, a blanket lining and a flatlock seam construction. Made to resemble hunting jackets from the 40s and 50s, this one can be worn in the field but will also look great as an everyday jacket. It comes in navy and khaki colors.

BUY | $495

7 – Bush Smarts Hip Flask

Bush Smarts Hip Flask

Bush Smarts Hip Flask is extremely lightweight, durable and has a capacity of 11 fl oz.

Anyone who spends time outdoors knows the importance of a good flask. Unlike metal ones, Bush Smarts Hip Flask is made from durable high-density thermoplastic. This makes it weigh a ridiculous 1.50oz. It’s highly packable and you can fill it with 11 fl oz of your favorite drink. This flask has an oiled leather fob with a waxed cord stitching that allows you to easily strap it on a belt or backpack. It can be used even in the coldest weather because it won’t frost your lips while drinking. You can get it in three colors- red, black and green.

BUY | $29

8 – Poler Sandwich Maker

Poler Sandwich Maker

Use the cast iron Poler Sandwich Maker to make warm, delicious sandwiches on the open fire.

If you got tired of roasting marshmallows and want a tastier solution for eating outside, you must check out the Poler Sandwich Maker. It was inspired by the old ways of making food on the open fire. It allows you to make all sort of warm and toasty sandwiches when you’re out camping. It’s made from cast iron and has a wooden handle for comfortable holding. To use it, just make your favorite sandwich, put in into the iron contraption and cook it on the open fire. Simple as that.

BUY | $49.95

9 – Senz Automatic Umbrella

Senz Automatic Umbrella

Senz Automatic Umbrella withstands 80 km/h winds, protects your back and opens and closes with a simple push on the button.

When it’s windy and rainy, umbrellas are supposed to be helpful. Instead, we often get frustrated with traditional umbrellas since they’re easy to break and limit the visibility. Senz designed an Automatic Umbrella to protect you against heavy rain. It’s made from UV protective UPF50+ canopy and can withstand 80 km/h winds. With the special design, it’s great at protecting your back. It opens and closes with a simple push of the button and at the end tips there are special eyesavers so the umbrella can’t poke you in the eye. You can get it in different colors and patterns.

BUY | $65

10 – The Slip On By Glerups

The Slip On By Glerups

The Slip On shoes are hand-made from 100% pure wool, they capture moisture and make your feet warm and dry.

The Slip On shoes are a part of the Glerups eco-friendly footwear collection. These comfortable shoes are hand-made from 100% pure wool. They’re extremely light, soft and very flexible. The natural material captures up to 35% of the moisture which means they’re always warm and dry. The sole is made from vegetable tanned calfskin and is sewn, not glued to the rest of the shoe. As time passes, the shoe will mold to your foot shape. When you get them, the wool will go through a natural process of shedding, but there’s no need to worry, simply remove those wool fibers that come out. You can get them in a number of colors.

BUY | $85

11 – Malouf Zoned Dough Pillow

Malouf Zoned Dough Pillow

Zoned Dough Pillow is very soft, hypoallergenic and will ensure you get a good night sleep.

For a good night sleep, check out this awesome Zoned Dough Pillow from Malouf. It’s made from Dough memory foam and together with the bamboo charcoal it regulates humidity, temperature and odors. The memory foam is very soft but doesn’t lose the original form of the pillow. This pillow is very comfortable and therapeutic, supports the head, neck and shoulders. It has a hypoallergenic soft velour cover and when you want to clean it, just remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine. Zoned Dough Pillow will ensure you get a better and restful sleep, it’ll eliminate neck pain and provide a superior pressure relief.

BUY | $73

12 – Erstwhile World Political Wall Map

Erstwhile World Political Wall Map

Erstwhile World Political Wall Map shows the global political divisions from the 40s.

Erstwhile World Political Wall Map is perfect for an office of any living space. It especially goes well with vintage furniture. The map is a reproduction of “The World: Mercator’s Projection” created by H.E.C. Robinson in Sydney in the 1940’s. It’s highly detailed and portrays political divisions from that time. The map is printed on vibrant Airtex canvas that’s hung on aged timber and has a 100% cotton rope. There’s no need to set it up, everything is made to be ready to hang immediately when you receive it. It can be a perfect gift for history lovers. Dimensions of the map are 51” x 38.5”.

BUY | $235

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