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Just the title of this book should be enough reason to buy it. All you James Bond fans out there, now you’re going to have a chance to take a look at all the cars featured in the 007 movies so far, read all about their specifications and see amazing photographs of them. James Bond Cars by Frederic Brun will give you the opportunity to do just that.

James Bond Cars book

This is an absolute must-have for every 007 lover.

The cars that starred in the James Bond movies over the years were as much a reason to watch them, as the movies themselves were. Just remember the legendary Aston Martin with its ejector seat or the Rolls-Royce Phantom, and the chills go down your spine, don’t they? Yes, the Bond movies were always filled with action, the hot girls, the drinks and the adventure, but somehow out of all the listed things, cars were always the most important and the most intriguing for most of us.

A car from James Bond movie

Remember this one? Read more about it in this awesome book.

Not only does ‘James Bond Cars’ feature the cars of our favorite agent, you will also be able to take a closer look at the ones that were driven by Bond girls and even his opponents. Every Bond-lover should have this book in their collection, that’s for sure.

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A car from James Bond movie

You never know if you’ll find out something new about your favorite models…

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