Jake Phipps captures the unique, the bizarre and definitely, the outlandish and this is exactly why you need one of his latest designs. Want a comfortable stool or even bench to impress your friends? Or perhaps something that you can call uniquely yours? Then Jake Phipps Shell Stool is what you should be after.

Jake Phipps has taken the classical idea of warfare and turned it into an authentic, aesthetic and even brilliant design into his latest creation. Jake Phipps Shell Stool is a guaranteed conversation starter. Imagine having a stool shaped into the form of an empty shell casing or even a bench created out of them to show off to your friends.

Shell Stool will be definitely attractive to men, for the military link, and if you want to attract the ladies, this is for you since they are going to be impressed by an original piece of furniture. Available in silver or bronze which has been made from vacuum metallised polycarbonate to give you the perfect stool or they can even be interlinked to form a bench or larger seating area they give a quirky touch to every home.

Jake Phipps has called this range “Furniture with Firepower”. Fittingly so, as this gives an entirely new blast to furniture and the minds of those who own it or behold it.

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Stools in shape of shells

Jake Phipps Shell Stool

Jake Phipps Shell Stool

Shell design stools

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