Have you ever been to a sushi restaurant where a chef prepares and cooks the food right in front you, letting you share in the experience? How about replacing a sushi restaurant with a barbecue and have the food grilled on the table you eat from with all barbecue guests participating in the process? This is entirely possible if you have JAG Grill Table, a perfect grill for memorable and sociable outdoor dining experiences.

This is three-in-one grill which comprises of an integrated fire-pit, a wooden table and a grill. It has eight individual grilling and wooden surfaces which means that everyone sitting at this grill / table can prepare their own meals. This octagon shaped grill has many practical features including the side door which enables access for an easy clean, adjustable legs which are perfect for uneven surfaces or for adding height to JAG Grill (up to three inches), and stainless steel grilling racks which are very easy to remove and store away, just like the wooden surfaces which you can simply fold away. JAG Grill has a durable and sturdy steel construction that will last you a lifetime.

JAG Grill Table is designed in a way which ensures an adequate airflow which is essential for your coals burning hot and the food being cooked evenly. This communal grilling station is all about sharing memories, gathering your friends around the table and having each of them grill their meat and veggies to their heart’s content.

Jag grill

Jag BBQ grill table and fire pit

Jag BBQ grill

Jag BBQ grill table

Jag BBQ grill table and firepit

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