Jabra Elite Sport | Super Advanced Wireless Earphones


It seems like we are completely moving away from wires as our technology progresses. Bose has also made some leaps in wireless sound technologies. Well, another forerunner, has to be the Jabra Elite Sport.

We have to admit; we are very impressed with the Jabra Elite Sport. They are water-resistant, pump some amazing sound, and they were designed for sport.

So, we are very pleased to introduce the Jabra Elite Sport Earphones.

Jabra Elite Sport with a white background showing front and back views

Truly wireless, these earbuds independently pair to your device via Bluetooth 4.1.

An interesting feature of these earphones is that they are completely disconnected from each other. In other words, each earphone streams independently from your device. In addition to this, they also come with integrated in-ear heart rate sensors. This, combined with the app, gives you an accurate and detailed fitness analysis and even gives you in ear voice coaching. Check out the video below.

Jabra Elite Sport with their charging and carrying case

The carry case that they come with also happens to be a charger. This gives you 6 additional hours of playtime on top of the 3 hours for the first charge.

The Elite Sport connects to your device via Bluetooth 4.1. This allows for exceptionally easy and smooth pairing. It also comes with noise cancellation so that you can simply shut the entire world out, and focus on what needs to be done.

Jabra Elite Sport with the integrated fitness analysis app

The in-ear heart rate monitor syncs to the integrated app to give you real time fitness analysis as well as voice coaching.

These earphones have a battery life of 3 hours. However, the carry case that they come with is also a charger that can allow you to get another 6 hours of playtime out of them. If you were worried about calls, the in-line microphone allows you to easily take hands-free calls.

To top this all off, the Jabra Elite Sport headphones also feature a water and sweat-resistant housing. This allows you to go for a jog in a light drizzle, or even pump those weights at the gym without any worries.

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