iStick is the newest product coming from HYPER by Sanho Corporation. They have been making storage products since 2002, and this one is their second project on Kickstarter. iStick is a very useful invention of theirs, because it is the world’s first USB drive with the Lightning connector. This is how it works.

As you might suppose, the lower case “i” shows that it is related to Apple’s devices, such as iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Namely, the iStick has a USB port on one side, and on the other side there is an Apple-certified Lightning connector. This means you are able to safely transfer data from your iPhone, for instance, to a PC or Mac and vice versa. Now, with this little device and the proper application, you can do it more quickly than with the Cloud and very easily, without messing with iTunes or the internet connection.

The iStick app allows you to view documents, photos and videos or listen to music straight from your Apple device, as well. iStick comes in various colors, including black, white, gold and silver. Also, there are several different storage capacities to choose from, ranging from 8GB to 128GB.

The iStick offers probably the best way to make more space on your iDevice and transfer files between it and the PC. It will be available in August, and you will most likely love it, just like many supporters on Kickstarter. However, many of them do argue that the price is unjustifiably high. [via] watch video below

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