Dualchas Architects from Scotland were approached by a family of five with a request to design a rather simple house that resembles a low agricultural building on a site in Colbost which boasts incredible views over Dunvegan Bay on the Island of Skye. The result is Skye Island House, the winner of the 2014 Saltire Award and IAA Award in the category ‘The Best New Building’. With its striking black painted timber exterior, the house is described by the project’s chief architect Mary Arnold-Forster as “distilled to the most important aspects of scale form, sitting and proportion by using only two materials and with no other distractions and decoration”.

Skye Island house by Dualchas Architects

Dualchas Architects private home on Skye Island

Although, Skye Island House might be rather stern, dark and austere in appearance, it has an incredibly light, spacious and user-friendly interior. It is separated into two main segments – the one that contains common rooms (open plan kitchen, lounge area and a dining room) and the other one reserved for private rooms (bedrooms and bathrooms). Apart from these two volumes, there is also a shed and a garage. All of the volumes are built close together, around a closed up courtyard in order to shield the residents from the severe wind and provide a cozy gathering area.

Skye Island house by Dualchas Architects

Skye Island house by Dualchas Architects

Skye Island House spans 246 square metres and it also boasts a wood storage and a heat pump shelter. Although this ism without a doubtm a contemporary structure in regard to its carbon footprint, energy efficiency and cutting-edge technology, it is also refreshingly rural in appearance, reflecting the traditional spirit of the Scottish Highlands. Despite being built with black timber, the house is flooded with light thanks to its big glazed windows and it seamlessly blends with the coastal landscape of Island of Skye. Interestingly enough, the house has no gutters or eaves which leaves the exterior undisturbed and gives the house a sleek, geometrical appearance. [via]

Interior design of the Skye Island house by Dualchas Architects

Interior design of the Skye Island House

Skye Island house by Dualchas Architects

Kitchen in a private home on Skye Island

Kitchen design by Dualchas Architects

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