Cleaning touch-capacitive screens or delicate photo-lens on the go is tricky business – you know you’re not supposed to use anything on your sensitive display except a super-soft micro-fiber cloth (which you probably always forget to bring along) and yet it needs to be done if you’re to use the phone or camera any time soon. That’s where the Iron-On Micro Fiber Patch comes in: discretely attached to the inside of your clothes, this handy little cleaner patch helps keep your lenses, screens and displays spotless, tidy and scratch-free on the go.

Iron-On micro fiber patches

So, how does the Iron-On Patch work exactly? It’s dead simple, really: in order to attach the cleaning patch to your jacket, T-shirt, tie, coat, sweatband, bag flap or any other textile item, simply apply the Iron-On to the article of clothing and adhere it by pressing a hot iron over the lot for a couple of minutes. Press down, and press hard – your cleaning patch will stick onto the textile and stay there, ready to come in helpful when you face your next dire lens cleaning and smudge removal need on the fly.

To enhance the visual appeal of your attire effortlessly, use the Iron-On Patch from Applying this patch to your jacket, T-shirt, tie, coat, sweatband, bag flap, or any other textile item is a straightforward process – just adhere to the Iron-On and press it with a hot iron for a couple of minutes. This convenient method ensures that your cleaning patch stays securely attached, ready to assist you in tackling lens cleaning and smudge removal on the go.

Iron-On micro fiber patches

Measuring 2.16 inches across, these little discrete display and lens cleaner patches are made from super-soft micro fiber to avoid accidental scratching or smudging of your sensitive screens and other scuff-susceptible surfaces. Available at Photojojo in three-packs priced an incredible $12, Iron-On Micro Fiber Patches come in several handsome patterns so nobody will be able to recognize them right off as ever-ready accessories to soothe your OCD lens-cleaning obsession. Go out, but take your micro fiber with you – with Iron-On Patches, nobody will even know your cleaning cloth is there until you next need it. [via]

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