“If you combine the spirit of 1970’s motorcycle culture with premium gentlemen’s hardware, the result is IRON & GLORY.” – this is what the company says about themselves. They focus primarily on making different accessories for motorcyclists and their newest product will blow you away.

Iron & Glory Deluxe Carabiner combines a Swiss knife and a key-holder into a custom-made accessory you will love to bring everywhere with you. It has a unique design and it will fit perfectly to your motorcycling outfit or even just a pair of jeans on a night out. The carabiner is made out of stainless steel and aluminum alloy – definitely strong enough to last for a long time, and still light enough not to get in your way.

Iron & Glory Deluxe Carabiner front and back side

The Iron & Glory Deluxe Carabiner is made of stainless steel and aluminum allure.

The carabiner features (obviously) a locking clip, as well as a small knife – perfect for everyday cutting needs, serrated saw for moments when the knife isn’t enough and a LED flashlight. It is 3.35” long and weighs only 3.5 oz. Whether you want it for yourself or you intend to get it as a gift for someone, you can ask the company to engrave three letters on it – whether you want it to be your initials or some meaning known only to you and the person who gets it.

Iron & Glory Deluxe Carabiner open

Other than a locking clip, the carabiner features a knife, serrated saw and a LED flashlight.

A man can never go wrong with a device like this – other than being very useful in times you need to do “manly” stuff, such as open a can or go check the fuse when all the lights in your house go out. And, it will look great on you while you ride your motorcycle. [via]

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