iRig One | Inflatable Windsurfing Rig That Sails on Air

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More and more companies are starting to focus on inflatable products, especially when it comes to outdoor equipment. We’ve already seen the self-inflating electric board and paddleboard-tent, and now it’s time for innovation in the stand-up paddleboard market. That’s why two German companies Northsails and North Kiteboarding have made a mutual effort to create an inflatable windsurfing board. This completely inflatable windsurf set is called the iRig One. It’s designed to be much lighter than traditional rigs, so it’s easier to control on the water. The design has received the 2016 ISPO Product of the Year award.

The iRig One inflatable windsurfing rig can fit inside a backpack. The setup is easy and it can be completed in about 100 seconds. Simply unfold it, inflate it with the SUP pump and connect it to your board using the mast base. It’s a quick and simple 3-step setup and after that, you’re ready to go onto the water. Using the power of the air, you’ll enjoy a completely new and improved windsurfing experience. This rig is especially good for the ones who are just learning how to windsurf.

A woman windsurfing on water using the iRig One, tilted view.

the iRig one is a lightweight inflatable windsurfing rig that’s 70% lighter than traditional rigs and weighs about 1.8 kg (medium size)

The iRig One is 70% lighter than traditional rigs and it comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large. This rig is very portable and it’s much easier to transport than the full-sized rigid boards. With this rig, there’s no need for a roof rack or a trailer, all you need is a backpack. The medium size weighs only about 4 lb. (1.8 kg) whereas the traditional rig would be around 8.5 kg for the same size.

A woman inflating the iRig One with a pump, standing bent down on grass, with a board in the background.

The iRig One can be folded and transported inside a backpack and it’s also very easy to set up in under 2 minutes

Besides the benefits on land, we’ve already mentioned that the iRig One has its upsides on the water too. A lighter rig means easier windsurfing, especially for newbies. Compared to the heavy solid rigs, the inflatable one is much easier to hold on and control. In addition to this, it will float and it will be easier to pull up. Since it’s filled with air, there are no hard parts that could cause serious injuries so even if you do fall down, you’ll be back up and at it in no time.

A woman windsurfing using the iRig One, back view, with a beach in the background.

The iRig One doesn’t have any hard parts so the risk of injury is greatly reduced

Here are the benefits of the iRig summed up:

  • Ultra light and compact
  • Very portable
  • Fast and easy setup
  • 70% lighter than traditional solid rigs
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to control
  • Safe and secure with no hard parts

Check out the video below for more information:

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