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If you like swimming, diving, water skiing and making great photos with your iPhone while you are doing it, here is the product you need. The Underwater Waterproof iPhone Housing/Case is the necessary piece of equipment for you and with it you can be 100 percent sure that water won’t damage your very expensive cell phone.

The black-blue The iPhone Underwater Waterproof Housing/Case

The iPhone Underwater Waterproof Housing/Case will protect your phone from water while you make photos and videos.

Designed especially for the newest iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S, the housing literally transforms the phone into a camera. It comes with two removable lenses – a wide angle and a flat port one. You can get it in a package with a Float strap and Filter, and it will also include a 15-pack of Water Damage Control Bags, a Camera Defogger and a Moisture Absorber as a bonus. It is all you need for a worry-free underwater photography.

The gray-yellow The iPhone Underwater Waterproof Housing/Case

The housing comes with two removable lenses.

So, your iPhone will be fully protected from water damage, you can use the defogger in case your photos become blurry, and the moisture absorber is just another part of the security that Watershot takes very seriously. Also, you can boost your experience with this housing by downloading a special App developed by DiveNav, called Watershot. This App (which you can get for free at the App Store and on iTunes), was designed to help you utilize the most of your iPhone camera (both the front and the back one), make still images and videos, make several consecutive shots very rapidly, and even share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram while the phone is safely locked inside. There is also a fourth button on the housing that currently has no use but it will when other functions are added to the App.

The iPhone Underwater Waterproof Housing/Case with an iPhone inside

You can use the buttons on the housing to conduct your iPhone.

The iPhone Underwater Waterproof Housing/Case is available in black-blue and yellow-gray option, as well as a limited edition of orange housings. Buy it and maximize your underwater photography experience – and you can compete with some of the best underwater cameras out there.

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