Texas Instruments is a company behind the Pocket Projector for iPhone 4/4S. They teamed up with the retailer Brookstone to bring us the gadget that puts the iPhone on the smartphone projectors bandwagon.

And this pocket projector is just great. Many iPhone related products are about the design and simple, yet sometimes vague functionality. They are often more of a status symbol, or even a fashion statement, than an essential accessory. This is not the case with this product. It is feature packed and functional and designed as a subtle addition that does not need to draw attention with flashy colors.

iPhone Pocket Projector 2

The projector technology is Texas Instruments’ DLP Pico and it can provide you with a picture of 60-inches from eight feet away. It packs an LED lamp with 15 lumens and if you are still having problems with the image sharpness, there is a focus adjustment knob to make it just perfect.

The pocket projector also features an additional 2W speaker that’s built in and that can greatly increase the viewing experience. Wearing headphones is probably a better option, but 2W is more than enough power to keep the sound clear and audible.

iPhone Pocket Projector 1

Another great perk is the built-in battery charged using a USB cable. The said battery has the capacity of 2,100 mAh and, apart from serving as a power source for the projector, you can also use it as a backup battery for your iPhone. It is said to be able to fully charge an iPhone in less than one hour.

All you need to do is dock your iPhone to the pocket projector via a video out and any application that uses the video out will automatically send content to the projector. There is no additional setup required.

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