Music sure adds flavor to our lives. Now imagine getting that highest quality audio experience without having to compromise the aesthetics of your home by putting in bulky speakers that always seem to stand out. Well, that’s what Clio Invisible Wireless Speaker is all about – it’s the first décor-friendly speaker which will fill your home or office with panoramic stereo sound without needless cords and cables.

Named after one of the nine goddesses of music, songs and dance, Clio wireless speakers will neatly blend in your room as it is based on Edge Motion® technology which uses a differentiating mechanical principal to produce rich stereo sound from an ultra-thin, slightly curved transparent acrylic glass membrane along the side. Unlike typical speakers which push sound waves in one direction only, ClearView Clio provides clear, panoramic, room-filling output audio as its transducer disperses sound waves in multiple directions.

Clio Invisible wireless speakers

Clio also does away with unnecessary cables as it features built-in wireless Bluetooth connectivity so it will stream your favorite playlists straight from your smartphone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device within some nine meters of range. Believe it or not, the first invisible speaker can be paired with up to eight Android, iOS devices or any other Bluetooth-compatible devices – which is indeed impressive in terms of versatility compared to any hi-tech product currently available on the market.

In terms of design, Clio is an embodiment of graceful minimalism, with its sleek, curved, clear and beautiful lines which make it almost disappear against any given surroundings. It is also available in several different colors, including dark, silver, bronze and charcoal.

So, if you’re looking for an inconspicuous speaker which offers high quality wireless audio performance, Clio may just be the right choice. A unique stylistic fit for any interior design, it will certainly bring out only the best out of your most-loved music without spoiling the view.

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Clio Invisible wireless speakers

Invisible wireless speakers by Clearview

Invisible wireless speakers

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