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In the summertime, insects can be a real problem. Whether you’re inside or enjoying the great outdoors, you could find yourself under attack by mosquitoes and other insects. If you are tired of these pests, Invisaband may be the answer. It is a new, chemical free product that provides the necessary protection. Unlike similar products like sprays, lotions and creams , Invisaband (as the name applies) is designed as a soft microfiber wrist band with an adjustable strap and as such, is much easier to use. You don’t even have to put it on your wrist, just attach it anywhere on your clothes and you’re good to go! And the best thing is, it is completely natural.

Invisaband wrist band

Wrist band with adjustable strap

Other insect repellents are based on a chemical called DEET which can be very harmful causing skin irritations and discomfort when used excessively or too often. Invisaband‘s designers are proud to declare Invisaband DEET-free. The active ingredient in these wrist bands is called Geraniol. It is derived from Geranium plants, and is all-natural. Geraniol’s chemical attributes disorient mosquitoes (and other insects) and make Invisaband users virtually invisible to the pests. Early studies have shown that Geraniol is a more effective repellent than citronella based products, and just as effective as DEET.

Invisaband is DEET free

Invisaband is DEET free

Invisaband provides instant protection that can last for over a hundred hours, ensuring that all-day activities are insect bite-free. It comes in packs of 5 bands with a reusable pouch, where it’s ready for future use. Ideal for any type of outdoor activity, Invisaband is an all-natural, easy to use, effective solution for mosquito bites.

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Invisaband protects you from insects

Invisaband makes you invisible to insects

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