Interior Design Influences from Around the World

It is fascinating to look at interior design styles from around the world and you will notice that these styles are often a reflection of the country’s identity and culture. There are many notable interior design influences from all over the globe and many of these are popular styles to use in 2020.

Here are a few of the main interior design influences right now:


Moroccan interior design style is very distinctive and stylish, so it is no surprise that it is a major influencer right now. This style relies on vibrant colours and symmetrical patterns which can create a visually appealing yet comforting look. Moroccan tiles are the main way that this is achieved and can work well in many different areas of the home.


The Norwegian and Scandinavian interior design trend known as hygge remains hugely popular in the UK and it is easy to see why. The word is for all things cosy and comfortable so in interior design this means using warm woods, comfortable furniture, fireplaces, throws and cushions and soft lighting with ceiling lights from places like Cox & Cox.


Asian interior design has always been popular and again is a perfect blend of comfort and style. This is an interior design style that relies on clean, well-defined straight lines, a use of natural materials and colours, with minimalist decoration to create a peaceful and welcoming feel. Patterns and prints can be used to create visual appeal, and these are often nature-based images.


England is a key player in the interior design world, and you will find that many countries around the world adopt an English-Style in their own homes. This often includes the use of soft, muted tones, traditional looks, smooth lines and the use of natural wood. Typically, English interior design is considered to be elegant and tasteful, so it is common to find in rooms such as the lounge or dining room.


Spanish interior design has seen a surge in popularity in recent times and it is a great way to bring warmth and sophistication to a room. Typically, this has a combination of Mediterranean and African styles with a few notable elements being the use of warm colours like red, orange and yellow along with texted walls and tiled flooring.

Currently, these are a few of the biggest interior design influencers around the world. It is fascinating to look at interior design styles from around the world and you will usually see a reflection of the country’s personality, history and culture in the design style. Any homeowner looking to breathe new life into their home this year should consider any of the above styles, all of which can look fantastic and create a welcoming feel.

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