Inspiring Coffee Table Books (Part 1)

The books you keep in your living room can be a subtle statement and an easy way to start a conversation when you have friends or ladies over. Having books on a display also gives a personal touch to your home. Some people just buy them to fill space, but if you appreciate this art form the way we do, then you will find some great recommendations bellow. Check out our list of inspiring coffee table books below.

1 – Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism

Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism

After spending years in a small and cluttered apartment, Fumio Sasaki decided to let go of things and start a new life philosophy- living minimalist. In his book Goodbye, Things you will get familiar with the process of choosing what is truly necessary in order to lead a functional life. You may find interesting that this guy now lives with just 20 items in his wardrobe and 150 in the entire apartment. The 16 pages of color illustrations can inspire you to become humble and declutter your life.

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2 – Detroit: The Dream Is Now

Detroit: The Dream Is Now

When you think about Detroit, you may think of empty buildings and images of a city in financial decline. The photographer and co-author of Design Brooklyn Michel Arnaud created a visual manifestation of a city’s rebuilding and new developments. Detroit: The Dream Is Now is divided into several parts where the first one focuses on the city’s architectural wonders while the rest shows recent developments in art, food, design, and lifestyle. You will discover not only its industrial marvels but vibrant communities.

BUY | $25.47

3 – The Burger Lab: The Art and Science of the Perfect Burger

The Burger Lab: The Art and Science of the Perfect Burger

What makes the ultimate burger? Is it the bun, the meat or maybe the combination of mayo and ketchup? Whatever it is, we want our burgers meaty, juicy and flavor-intense. Luckily, we have a book that will inspire you to eat and to master the art of burger making. The Burger Lab examines the chemistry of the mouth-watering burger. In it, you’ll find fun designs, illustrative examples, and instructions on how to make different burgers like the Wagyu cheeseburger deluxe and a fried chicken burger. Not to forget recipes for condiments, chips, and milkshakes.

BUY | $16.50

4 – National Geographic: The Photographs

National Geographic: The Photographs

You have probably seen this cover with a green-eyed Afghani girl before as it was an award-winning National Geographic photography. This stunning book is actually a collection featuring some of the most famous photographers. The Photographs has five chapters and covers a variety of themes- from wildlife, culture, and science to archaeology and human stories. Each one captures unique and rare moments creating a timeless journal. In it, you’ll learn more about the photographers and get to know some of their techniques.

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5 – Mobitecture: Architecture on the Move

Mobitecture: Architecture on the Move

Mobitecture is a book written by Rebecca Roke and just like the name says- it’s devoted to mobile architecture. This large collection of movable structures celebrates the nomad life and includes all sorts of housing solutions from luxury homes to caravans, boats, movable shelters and futuristic living solutions. In its 250 color photographs, you will also find many examples of great design.

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6 – Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere

Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere

Zach Klein and Steven Leckart wrote an excellent book devoted to those seeking a quiet retreat. The story behind Cabin Porn is very interesting. A few guys that were taking care of a 55-acre-forest in upstate New York started a Tumblr page and it got widely popular. This book is a collection of breathtaking cabins of all sizes and styles. The photographer Noah Kalina helped them capture the idyllic surrounding. You can also read different tips on how to set up your quiet place in the woods.

BUY | $24.69

7 – Crap Taxidermy

Crap Taxidermy

A funny one for the end. The guys behind the website now made a book of what happens when taxidermy goes wrong. The book became widely popular and depending on your taste in humor, it can be a hilarious gift. In Crap Taxidermy, you’ll find terrifically bad attempts at taxidermy showcasing some of the funniest and most imaginative animal reconstructions. There’s a nice addition to it as well- examples from “Stuff Your Own Mouse” lesson from the American Museum of Natural History.

BUY | $9.06

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