Inscribe | A Minimalist Wallet That Enhances Your Productivity


In our modern day and age, productivity is a necessity. We also know what it feels like to enter into an important meeting and we had forgotten our pen or our notepad. Well, thankfully for us, a new Kickstarter campaign aims to change that forever. Introducing the Inscribe Minimalist Wallet!

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Inscribe was designed to look stylish, while adding something to your productivity like no other wallet has done before.

Man in suiting using the Inscribe Wallet

Minimalist in design, this wallet does not skip out on style and finesse.

Essentially, Inscribe is a super slim genuine leather minimalist wallet. It looks stylish, functions amazingly, and it will enhance your productivity greatly. How will it enhance your productivity? Well, the minds behind this project realized that carrying a notepad and a pen around can be troublesome. We also tend to forget our pens and notepads. Inscribe was designed to integrate both a notepad and a pen into the wallet. Don’t miss out on the video below.

Dimensions of the Inscribe Wallet, notepad and pen

The entire Inscribe system was designed to be compact. The pen and the notepad simply slide into the wallet for easy carry.

Interestingly enough, the Inscribe Wallet was also designed to be only 0.39” thick with the addition of the stainless steel pen. It also only measures in at 0.59” thick with both the pen and the notepad. This makes it exceptionally easy to carry around with you.

Inscribe Pen being used.

The customized stainless steel pen was designed for comfort and smooth writing action. It is small, compact, and stylish.

The pen was also designed to be superbly comfortable. It measures in at 4” long and 0.22” in diameter. At the moment you can purchase the Inscribe Wallet in three different colors – Black and Gold, Brown and Purple. However, with more backers, new colors will be unlocked. You can also choose between a silver, gold and black pen.

Head over to Kickstarter to grab your Early Bird special!

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

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