InCase is a company that produced the Flex Wristband, the newest iPod watch-like accessory that helps keep your iPod 6G at hand and protected in a very stylish format.

The Flex Wristband has a watch resembling design that offers a safe place for your iPod 6G. It features a hold that will not scratch your iPod and it will be secured there firmly but, having a very open design, you will be able to operate it without ever removing it from the wristband, or your wrist. The smart design solution makes it easy for you to access the headphone port and the 30-pin connector allowing you to sync and play your favorite music and even charge the gadget straight from the hold.

Incase Flex Wristband for iPod Nano 001

Moreover, the wristband is made of flexible steel that stretches enough to fit wrists of all sizes and provide enough comfort in all cases. Its simple design makes it possible for you to wear the Flex Wristband with virtually anything due to the fact that it looks elegant and playful, serious and practical all at the same time. Having two color options, black and silver, makes it even easier to match with the rest of your outfit. The steel band construction means that the Flex Wristband is bound to be very durable.

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Incase Flex Wristband for iPod Nano 002

Incase Flex Wristband for iPod Nano 003

Incase Flex Wristband for iPod Nano 004

Incase Flex Wristband for iPod Nano 006

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