IK Multimedia is the company that has brought us many extremely useful products for musicians. AmpliTube and iRig are used by loads of people on daily basis. This time they have created the iLoud – probably the best portable Bluetooth speaker out there.

iLoud is said to be ‘the first studio-quality portable speaker’. With the power of 40w it is at least twice as powerful as any other similar device on the market. And I do mean any. Still, power is not the only issue here. The quality of the sound is very important, especially for musicians who are often known to be hard to please. The iLoud has bi-amped four neodymium drivers and a digital signal processor. Moreover, the bass can clearly reproduce the frequencies of down to 50Hz, which is pretty stunning for a device that can easily fit in your bag.

iLoud Portable Speaker for Musicians 4

There are three input options. The Bluetooth one which will eliminate any need for cords; the 1/8in (3.5mm) line in that will enable you to connect most devices; and the 1/4in option that makes this product truly unique giving it the options that no other speaker offers.

The iLoud has the same circuit as the iRig mobile guitar interface. This means that it can be a great portable PA monitor, but, even more amazingly, when paired with the iPad or iPhone AmpliTube software, it becomes a real guitar practice amp. What more can you ask for.

iLoud Portable Speaker for Musicians 5

The battery gives you up to 10 hours of continual use. Having all this in mind, the iLoud is probably the best portable speaker on the market that has recently been filled with similar products. In addition, clever integration with other IK Multimedia products makes this portable Bluetooth speaker even more differentiated from other similar products.

Easy to use, versatile, portable, at least twice as powerful and offering the functionality no other speaker offers – the iLoud definitely takes the cake.

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iLoud Portable Speaker for Musicians 3

iLoud Portable Speaker for Musicians 7

Cable connections of the iLoud Speaker

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