ILIFE A4 | Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


We all know that house work is a bore, but it must be done. However, with the invention of smart vacuum cleaners, that is no longer the case. Bringing you another great deal from Gear Best, the ILIFE A4 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, was designed to make your life easier and your home cleaner.

A must have household cleaning machine, the ILIFE is completely autonomous and even features anti-collision sensors.

ILIFE A4 moving from floor to carpet

The ILIFE A4 is compatible with most surfaces and can smoothly transition from floor to carpets without any hassles.

Starting off with the design, the ILIFE features a futuristic circular body that serves two purposes; firstly, it prevents it getting stuck and, secondly, it allows for a ring of anti-collision sensors to accurately gauge where the device is at the moment. Check out the Gear Best video below.

ILIFE A4 under a couch

With a super slim design at only 7.6cm (2.99 inches), the ILIFE can easily move and clean under your furniture.

The ILIFE features an impressive 1000pa suction power and is also fairly quiet at only 54dB. You have a variety of different cleaning modes to select from and with a 0.45L bin capacity, the ILIFE can effectively clean areas of up to 200 square meters. Simply choose your mode, place it on the floor and it will do all the cleaning for you.

ILIFE A4 at the edge of a step

The IR sensors at the bottom of the ILIFE inform it where there are edges so that it doesn’t get damaged from drops.

If you have any stairs, the IR sensors on the bottom prevent the ILIFE from going over and since it is extremely slim, at only 7.6cm, it can easily go under furniture for optimal cleaning.

The bottom of the ILIFE A4

Combing a three bristle system, the ILIFE A4 is exceptionally adept at cleaning.

To top it all off, the ILIFE comes with its own remote, LED indicators, two charging modes, multiple cleaning modes and is compatible with almost any environment that you place it in.

Get it from Gear Best here.

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