iLand Everywhere Portable Solar Generator System


Just the words ‘portable solar generator’ tell you that this thing is very useful, but iLand Everywhere is a truly special product. It gathers solar energy even when the weather is cloudy or rainy, which is usually an insurmountable obstacle for such products.

iLand Everywhere is not a name chosen by accident. Apart from being able to harness solar energy when most other products would find it difficult or impossible, you can also expect this product to withstand the ill effects of dust, water or shock, all of which makes it perfect for use during adventure holidays.

iLand Everywhere Portable Solar Generator System 1

The entire package is consisted of two compartments which, when not in use, simply connect to each other. When connected this way the iLand Everywhere has the dimensions of 100cm x 19cm, so carrying it around is definitely not a problem, especially with the use of an integrate shoulder strap.

The first compartment holds the battery pack. The battery can store up to 16Ah of energy which, having in mind its dimensions, makes this solar generator one of the most powerful ones.

The second compartment is a tube container used for storing the LED lamps, numerous connectors and the flexible solar panel that can provide up to 32W of power.

Having in mind the direction of development in this field, products such as iLand Everywhere will make it possible for us to significantly prolong our trips to the areas with no electric energy without sacrificing the comfort of technology. [via] watch video below

iLand Everywhere Portable Solar Generator System

3D render of the iLand Everywhere Portable Solar Generator System

iLand Everywhere Portable Solar Generator System


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