iKlips DUO | 256GB Expandable Storage For Your Iphone


There is no doubt that iPhones are awesome devices with the majority of the world owning one. However, there is one major problem that everyone struggles with and that is that the iPhone does not support expandable memory via SD card. Luckily, this will never be a problem again with the iKlips DUO.

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The iKlips DUO is a storage device that gives you a better way to manage your iPhone but it isn’t just limited to the iPhone. The iKlips was designed to be multi-device compatible which means that you can share information between your iPhone, iMac, iPad, iPad Pro and your PC via the lightning USB and USB 3.1 connections.

iKlips DUO being used in different scenes with different devices

Finally, there is a simple solution the memory problem that iPhone’s have. The iKlips DUO is portable and allows you to have up to 256GB of expandable memory on the go.

With the iKlips you can easily and securely store all of your photos, videos, music and everything else that you need to store and it is as simple as clipping the device into your iPhone via the lighting USB and you’re ready to go. However, it isn’t just about simplicity but rather about performance as well. The iKlips is produced with high quality MLC flash memory which is the fastest flash memory available for iOS devices.

Different features of the iKlips DUO

Apart from being compatible with all iOS devices as well as with PC, when combined with the iKlips 2.0 App, the iKlips becomes a feature packed device that will suit all your storage needs.

Management of your storage has also never been easier with the companion iKlips 2.0 application that features 3D touch support, Split View, multi-touch, Touch ID Password Protection, Drop To and integration with Apple Music and iTunes. Check out the video below.

The iKlips DUO was featured on an Indiegogo campaign but is already available for immediate purchase. You can order your iKlips DUO in a variety of different colors as well as 4 different storage sizes – 256GB, 128GB, 64GB and 32GB.

Get it from Adam Elements here.

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