We spend most of our days sitting – in the office, in transport, in the theatre or cinema, in cafes and even when we get home after a day of hard sitting, we often opt to sit some more in front of our computers or tellys. And all that sitting may not be as strenuous as standing or walking for hours on end, but it sure isn’t doing your body a terrible favor either – and that’s where standing desks come in. But how to choose the best one from a flock of more or less similar desks available in shops and online? Well, one thing is sure – with the new BEKANT Sit/Stand Desk recently released by Ikea, you can go no wrong. And what exactly sets the BEKANT above the host of other hybrid desks out there? Scroll down to find out.

Ikea Bekant Sit Stand Desk

Unlike some other smart convertible desks on the market, BEKANT doesn’t cram way too many tech-based functions into its neat-looking workplace platform – all that Ikea’s first hybrid actually does is go up when you need to stand behind the desk, and it goes down when you decide to sit down. This is achieved with the help of two telescopic desk legs that can be easily and quickly adjusted at a simple press of a button. In its sitting configuration, the BEKANT desk measures 22 inches in height, while the standing position lifts the 63-inch wide workplace platform to a convenient 48 inches. As for other specs, BEKANT has a handy corner unit, steel powder-coated frame, a handful of customizable configuration options and is available in several different shapes and colors so you can match your next hybrid desk to the interior design of your home or office.

And all that comes with a quite affordable price tag of $499 (the figure goes up with personalized customizations) so you won’t end up spending way too much dough on a desk that will fail you soon upon delivery. Don’t let your back and legs suffer and ache – get yourself a BEKANT sit/stand desk and it will take care of your health for you. watch video below

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Ikea Bekant Sit Stand Desk in an office setting

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