The one thing that every party needs is a good fridge to store all the liquor. The worst thing that can happen to ruin a great party is the sudden disappearance of all the beers – it is the official end of it, whether you like it or not. So, for all you party animals, here is the product that will enable you to never run out of cold drinks. It is called Igloo Party Bar.

Not only is Igloo Party Bar a perfect cooler that will never disappoint you, it also has an exclusive LiddUp system with 16 waterproof LED lights that will, literally, be the light of your party. No more breaking glasses because it was too dark to see anything, no more wasting precious drinks just because you couldn’t find what you need – the LiddUp system will emit a cool glow whenever you need it to. That’s not all – the fridge has loads of removable accessories to make the experience perfect.

Igloo Party Bar with drinks inside

We present to you the Igloo Party Bar – a perfect cooler for every party.

Igloo Party Bar black

It will be easy to keep partying after the sun goes down thanks to the LiddUp LED light system.

First of all, you can add dividers to the Igloo Party Bar if you want your drinks well separated. It’ll be easy telling your guests: beer’s on the right while the wines are staying in the left. If you want your drinks to be really really cold, put on the lid. If it’s not that important, keep the bar open if you want your guests to really feel at home. Also, Igloo features a bottle opener with a catch bin under it – for trash containing – as well as a threaded drain plug so you can just open it up after a party and all the mess from inside will just rush out. There are also several holders for whatever you want, like towels or just your keys, and you can carry the bar wherever you want with its heavy duty handles and locking casters.

Party Bar features

Lots of great features to make your party life much easier!

Keep the party going and never worry about your drinks getting warm or your guests having trouble finding them in the first place. Igloo Party Bar is literally all you need for a great party, other than good mood, food, great friends and music.

Get it on Amazon here.

Igloo Party Bar in the yard

All you need other than this is a few friends and great music!

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