Are you one of those people whose work demands that you sit behind a desk for eight straight hours while that work desk is being overcrowded with documents, papers, pens, cups of coffee and whatnot? Along with that, your head is being overcrowded with a constant feeling of chasing the deadlines but all you can actually think of is – God, what a mess! Well, hold yourselves to your knuckles while you’re being presented with one of, if not the most useful products ever made for such purposes – iDesk Organizer and card reader by Satechi.

Well, let us tell you one thing. It has been proven that the efficacy at work is raised by 10-15% when your workspace is neat so start doing something about it and stop your boss from checking upon you. The iDesk organizer and card reader really solves your problems in a simple yet efficient way and it helps you keep your workspace neat and organized. But not only did it help you in this way, but the multi-functional hub/card-reader kit also functions as your coffee holder as well as pen holder, and also smart/mobile phone stand and all that while it’s charging. You cannot deny how cool this is.

iDesk Organizer

In case you have wondered how it functions, it’s super easy. It features slots and enough storage space where you can put business cards, for example, or photos and memo updates, as well as a slot if you want to put away your pencils. The iDesk organizer also includes three USB ports for reading memory cards which include MS/MS PRO DUO, XD, SD/MMC and Micro SD cards, as well as a letter opener and copy holder service function. If you’re worried that all this demands too much space on your desk, don’t worry, because the Satechi iDesk is lightweight, slim, and it doesn’t take up too much space with its 543 x 101 x 76 dimensions, so it really doesn’t matter if you have a big or small desk. With its design it will make your office space look so much better and you can choose between two color patterns – black with red details or white with black details.

iDesk Organizer helps you start your day at work or at home in a great way without ever again being disturbed by the disorder which reigns over your workspace enabling you to find exactly what you need and want at any time and in every moment.

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