For extreme sports devotees there is nothing that can compare to the feeling of excitement and adrenaline rush. But those moments are short, and difficult to describe to others. Now you can save and share all those precious moments without buying special action cameras that will cost hundreds of dollars. All you need is your smartphone and Iclam Mountable Waterproof case.

The Iclam is an extreme sports case for smartphone. With Iclam your smartphone is protected from every perilous situation. It is resistant to shock, dust, sand, mud, and water up to the depths of 30ft. It can also endure falls on every surface and edge from less than 3 feet. Additionally, you can mount it on many different surfaces including your chest or your helmet.

On the other hand, since you’re using your smartphone to record or take pictures, you can post those videos or pictures directly to your favorite social network. You don’t need new applications, or cables and wires, and you also don’t need to wait until you return home to transfer photos to your computer in order to post them. You can also use it as a GPS device if you need it.

All you need to do to start your adventure is to put your smartphone into Iclam, mount it where you want it, press the record button, and enjoy.

Considering how practical Iclam is, the price is actually low. Starting at only $62 on Amazon.

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iClam mountable extreme sports smartphone case

iClam mountable smartphone case

iClam smartphone case for skateboarding

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