I Want to Buy Crypto: What Assets to Consider?

The crypto market offers hundreds of coins and tokens. Some of them have large market capitalisation and price, while others are less popular coins with a low cap but big chances for growth. Small-cap coins are more sensitive to market fluctuations which is why they can lose their value during the market drop and skyrocket when the market is growing.

Today we will talk about the new up-and-coming WhiteBIT token, the current WBT price, and its prospects.

Does It Make Sense to Buy Crypto Today?

Even though the year 2022 demonstrates to us the bear crypto trend, we know that up-and-down waves are typical for this industry. So the bear trend is the right time to buy cheap coins. However, it does not mean you should buy all cheap crypto at random. It is crucial to research and analyze projects before investing in them.

We have done the research and selected the following small-cap crypto to buy now:

  • Huobi token
  • Tezos
  • Aave
  • The Sandbox
  • Theta network
  • Axis infinity
  • KuKoin
  • WhiteBIT token.

Where Can I Exchange WBT to USDT?

The current WhiteBIT token price is $4.7. The token is traded with many other crypto coins. To convert WBT USDT, use the WhiteBIT calculator. It requires picking the WBT and USDT coins in the calculator, paying the fee, and clicking to convert. The USDT tokens will be accrued to your account in a matter of seconds.

Looking at the token’s price dynamics, we can say it slightly dropped together with the entire crypto market. However, since the WhiteBIT platform is expanding its user base and making new partnerships, its token price has all the changes to skyrocket in 2023. To keep track of the token development, sign up for WhiteBIT social networks and join its community.

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