Alternative energy sources are not a new thing when it comes to products from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies and their 2008 H2GO, a small water-powered toy car, was a great idea. Moving further in the same direction, they presented its successor, the i-H2GO.

It might easily be the beginning of hydrogen-powered cars. Hydrogen is a great source of energy, but in order to obtain it, the water that contains it needs to be electrolyzed. So the guys from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies decided to attain the energy required for the electrolysis process by using solar energy via a solar panel.

All you need to do is pour water into the refueling station and the electrolysis separates hydrogen and oxygen, directing the hydrogen into the car and converting it to electricity that powers the i-H2GO.

If there is no sun on a particular day, you can use a USB cable that will provide the energy for electrolysis. The previous model was controlled via the radio controller, but this one can be controlled using an iOS app, and all you Android users out there will be happy to know that there is an Android app on its way. There are two modes of use – the on-screen controls and the ‘Gyro Mode’.

How amazing these guys are you can see from the fact that this new product is actually $105 cheaper than the old model, being available for the price of $149. watch video below

i-H2GO Hydrogen Powered Bluetooth RC Car

Video below shows everything you need to know about the i-H2GO.

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