Hyperlite Packrafter’s Kit For Backpackers And Hikers


Hyperlite Packrafter’s Kit is designed to include some of the best gear available for backpackers and hikers. This kit is suitable for both overnight packrafting and crossing long distances. Everything you find in the kit is made from 100% waterproof Dyneema Composite Fabrics, a highly water resistant material.

Hyperlite Packrafter’s Kit contains 4400 White Porter Pack, UltaMid 4 Shelter with mesh insert, Ultralight Stake Kit I, UltaMid Pole Straps, Large CF8 Stuff Sack Pillow and 5 different sized CF8 Stuff Sacks. The entire kit weighs 83.9 oz.

A Guy Wearing 4400 White Porter Pack Next To A Lake

The 4400 White Porter Pack has a capacity of 70l

The 4400 Porter is ultralight, has a great load carrying capacity and can handle rocks, dirt, water, swamps and snow really well. The UltaMid 4 Shelter will protect you and your companions from wind, rain or heavy snows and the mesh insert is very useful for bug protection.

UltaMid 4 Shelter with mesh insert

UltaMid 4 Shelter with mesh insert.

The Ultralight Stake Kit includes six silver 8.0” aluminum stakes and six 6.5” titanium shepherd hook stakes. The kit includes two UltaMid Pole straps that will enable you to easily lash two trekking poles together. The Large CF8 Stuff Sack Pillow is great for storing gear or clothes by day, and at night pack the jacket and use it as a pillow. Different sized Stuff Sacks will help organize your backpack, store your winter sleeping bag and keep the clothes and food dry.

Ultralight Stake Kit I And UltaMid Pole Straps

The kit also includes an Ultralight Stake Kit I and UltaMid Pole Straps.

Because of Porter’s streamlined design, it’s easy to lash the pack to your raft but also to secure paddles and helmets while walking. You can also set up the UltaMid 4 with two paddles lashed together so up to four members of an expedition can share. Another one great thing about the kit is the fact that it will save you money. In fact, you’ll save around $200 just by getting the entire kit instead of buying the products separately.

Large CF8 Stuff Sack Pillow and 4 different sized CF8 Stuff Sacks

Large CF8 Stuff Sack Pillow and different sized CF8 Stuff Sacks.

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