HyperIce Vyper | Vibrating Foam Roller for Muscles And Deep Tissue Massage


Working out on a daily basis is proven to be extremely healthy, but those muscles need some relaxation from the contractions they’ve been through all day. HyperIce Vyper is a vibrating foam roller for muscles and deep tissue massage that will bring your body back to life after a hard workout or a long day.

Vyper is used and approved by recognized athletes all around the globe. This device uses pressure and vibration to completely relax stiff muscles and tissue and fully recover your whole body. This brand new, cutting-edge product will in return improve your body’s performance.

Woman photographed from the side while using the Vyper.

It loosens and lengthens muscles, increasing the range of motion and flexibility.

HyperIce Vyper has 3 different speed settings that are controlled through electrical circuits based on the top end. This product made in Germany is completely Eco-friendly and it possesses a rechargeable 16.8 lithium ion battery that will provide you with 2 hours of energy. After 2 hours of use, the device has to be charged with the Vyper AC charger (included in the package).

The inside of the device shows where a battery is hidden.

The Lithium Ion Battery will provide you with 2 hours of energy.

You’re probably wondering how can this massage foam roller improve your body’s overall performance. Well, it can, and it will do it in a quite extraordinary fashion. HyperIce Vyper will not just loosen your stiff muscles, it will lengthen them as well. That will provide you with more range, flexibility, motion and durability during sports activities. This amazing device is not meant to be used exclusively after workouts, it can also be used to warm you up before physical activities. It increases circulation and that will prepare your body for any kind of training you can think of.

The regular foam rollers are good for recovery and massage, but HyperIce Vyper adds high-intensity vibration and pressure to take the whole experience to a higher level of relaxation. Regarding the material itself, it’s not like all other foam rollers out there. Besides the foam, it has a layer of air injected plastic that is more effective when it comes to relieving muscle stress and stiffness.

Man captured form the side while using the device.

Helps reduce muscle soreness and stiffness for better recovery from a hard training.

This brilliant and innovative product has been tested by some amazing professional athletes of our time, such as famous NBA players Blake Griffin and Rudy Gay. If this device is able to help them recover from a very tight schedule and exhausting games in the NBA, it will definitely help anyone improve their own personal performance.

The HyperIce Vyper is not made exclusively for athletes around the world. Everyone out there who is active during the day should have something like this to take the tension out of the body. This gadget will keep you healthy, strong, relaxed and ready for any kind of challenges that may come. Christmas is coming, treat yourself and your body right.

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Two Vypers photographed from the front.

HyperIce Vyper will deliver high-intensity and high-frequency vibration into the body.

See how great athletes like Adrian Peterson and Blake Griffin are enjoying the Vyper.

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