One of the most important things for recreational and professional runners is being able to stay hydrated during a run. This, however, demands from you to carry a water bottle or have some sort of water container strapped to your body. Both of these options will, in one way or the other, impede your run and obstruct your stride. For these reasons, Justin Lynch created the Hydrosleeve, a water container which you can easily strap on your arm. By placing this water container on your arm, you are able to run unburdened and the structure of Hydrosleeve’s bladder keeps sloshing at a bare minimum.

Features of the Hydrosleeve

Hydrosleeve materials

The materials used in the making of the Hydrosleeve pouch will not cause discomfort because they are breathable and elasthic

The Hydrosleeve is made from double-loop lycra and high-grade synthetic suede. Because of the high elasticity of the materials, it can firmly stay on your arm. The water in the bladder will stay cool at all times thanks to the therma-cool insulation lining of the Hydrosleeve pocket. With a purchase of the Hydrosleeve, you will receive two bladders which are capable of holding 7 fluid ounces. The bladders are designed to prevent sloshing and made from BPU free and PVC free materials. Both bladders are equipped with an angled valve for easy sips.

What Makes the Hydrosleeve Useful

Hydrosleeve bladder

Hydrosleeve’s anti-slosh bladder is equipped with an angled valve for easy use

Both the materials used and its design provide you with a water container which is pleasant to use. Being placed at a close proximity to the core of your body means that it will in no way impede your run and reduce your stride. With a simple arm movement you can bring the Hydrosleeve close to your mouth and take a sip. Even the angled valve, which seems unimportant at first, has a huge role to play as it further simplifies the way you can hydrate yourself during runs. Because the materials used in its making are breathable, you won’t feel any discomfort while wearing it. The Hydrosleeve even has a pocket for carrying small items. It can fit an iPod Nano so you can listen to your favorite music while running.

Hydrosleeve use

The Hydrosleeve will not get in the way having an enjoyable run

Next time you go for a run, make sure you stay well hydrated with your very own Hydrosleeve. Thansk to its small size and anti-slosh design, you won’t know it’s there until you get thirsty enough to move in for a sip.

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