The 70s are back! Well, at least when it comes to skateboards. A bunch of surfboard constructors and surfing enthusiasts from Oceanside, California, who collectively go by the name Hydroflex, have decided to build a skateboard by combining the latest 3D technology with the retro style of the foam decks from the late 70s.

They used residual materials from their surfboard production process, applied an innovative technology called 3D Glassing, which connects both sides of the skateboard deck through its core, and the end result was the Hydroflex Skateboard. “We started using scrap materials from surfboard production to build cruiser skateboards that we could use to skate around the factory, get lunch and check the surf”, founder of Hydroflex Technology Rouven Brauers explains.

Red Hydroflex Skateboard with green wheels

Although, the guys from Hydroflex still haven’t started a serial production of their innovative skateboards (they are launching their project on Kickstarter on October 3rd with the goal of collecting $15,000), skateboard fanatics are already raving about the Hydroflex Skate Deck.

So, why are these boards attracting so much attention? First of all, they are made of the same materials as surfboards – high density PET foam, triaxial fiberglass and high quality epoxy resin. Add to this mix the 3D Glassing technology, which ensures both the durability and responsiveness of the Hydroflex Skateboard, and integrated tail and nose guards, and what you get in the end is a board that is not only lighter than the usual wooden board, but is also stronger, sturdier, and has great riding features too.

Skateboard details of the Hydroflex Skateboard

“We wanted to go beyond existing limits and bring something totally new to market” Hydroflex CEO Rich Ciesco says.

Another great thing about the Hydroflex Skateboard is its unique honeycomb design. The board comes in ten vivid colours which are a result of the resin tint used in production.

There are three models currently available – Beach LeechMini Cruiser (for cruising turns and pulling tricks), The Angler (made for sliding and downhill), and The Crilla Micro Cruiser (perfect for carving around, doing tricks and sidewalks). The Crilla is so compact that it easily fits into a standard size backpack.

Hydroflex has won a few international prizes with its innovative surfboard technology including the ISPO BRANDNEW Award, the CONNECT MIP (Most Innovative New Product) Award, and the International Forum Design Award. watch video below

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A mold being created on the Hydroflex Skateboards - Hi-Tech Honeycomb Design Skateboards by Hydroflex Technology

Honeycomb design of the Hydroflex Skateboards

Different sizes of the Hydroflex Skateboards - Hi-Tech Honeycomb Design Skateboards by Hydroflex Technology

Hydroflex Skateboards - Hi-Tech Honeycomb Design Skateboards by Hydroflex Technology

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