If you always wanted to experience the benefits of owning a hot tub of your own, but could never afford one, there is now a more effective, and more affordable, alternative to it. The Hydro Hammock is the most peculiar combination of a hammock and hot tub which provides you with the enjoyment and relaxation of a hot tub and the portability and easy setup of a regular hammock. This product seems kind of odd, but its creator, Benjamin H. Frederick, has a long list of reasons of why it’s superior to a regular hot tub, the most important being low electricity consumption and the fact that you can use it anytime and anywhere.

Hydro Hammock creator

Benjamin H. Frederick, the man behind the Hydro Hammock

Sturdy and stable like any modern hammock should be, the Hydro Hammock uses its very own Water Heater System to make it even more appealing. This system, apart from obviously heating your water, can be used for other things as well. You can use it to draw and circulate water from a stream, lake, or even the ocean, so you can always have fresh water in your hammock/hot tub.

Hydro Hammock portability

The Hydro Hammock can be used anywhere, as long as you have a clean source of water

Traditional hot tubs use old water, need chemicals and use loads of electricity, which are all negative aspects of their use. None of these aspects are present in the use of a Hydro Hammock. Its even easy to transport, as the entire hammock is packed down into the Water Heater System case. Just pop the trunk of you car open, and find a cool place somewhere in the outdoors with a lake or a stream.

Hydro Hammock benefits

This hammock/hot tub combo uses far less electricity than a traditional hot tub

You can have your very own Hydro Hammock if you pre-order it from its Kickstarter page and be one of many people who have recognized the value of this new creation. And if you don’t like what the hammock does along with its heater system, you will get an extremely durable hammock out if this for those lazy afternoons.

Check out the promo Kickstarter video for the Hydro Hammock.

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