Whatever activity you decide to engage in, staying optimally hydrated throughout the day is essential for both your body and your mind, but lugging around a hefty plastic bottle is neither convenient nor eco-friendly, and it’s certainly not the best option if you have to travel light. Well, gulping through some critical liquid on the fly is about to change with Hydrapak Stash™ Bottle fresh on the market: extremely handy, ultra-light and highly portable, this collapsible bottle is everything you need drinkware-wise to stay well-hydrated on the go.

Following the success of their SoftFlask series in 2013, Hydrapak decided to create another piece of foldable drinkware in which it would eliminate some of the shortcomings found in the previous foldable flask design. Made from a soft-sided TPU body RF-welded to a molded top with a 43-millimeter screw cap and a flat bottom, the new collapsible bottle sports a nylon carrying loop and custom snap-fit storage feature. This means an empty Hydrapak bottle simply squishes together for ultra-convenient storage and super-easy transport. When you want to use your Stash, just squeeze the collapsed bottle to release it, remove the screw-cap and fill it up with water or another liquid.

Collapsible bottle from Hydrapak

Thanks to its accordion-like structure, Stash snaps down to a small disc measuring 2 inches in height and 3.5 inches in diameter (5 x 8.9 centimeters) so it takes up almost no space at all in your backpack when not in use. Also, the Stash discs are extremely stackable so you can easily nest a few collapsed bottles together – this will save you a whole lot of space in transport and storage compared to the full-size non-foldable bottles.

Completely BPA- and PVC-free, naturally anti-fungal and 100% dishwasher safe, Stash should go on sale some time in November. A perfect companion for keen campers, hikers, bikers and other avid outdoorsmen, the new Hydrapak collapsible bottle comes with a No-Leak™ Product lifetime warranty so you can rest assured about the dryness and safety of your gear packed together with Stash. Measuring 3.5 x 3.5 x 7.2 inches and weighing the slight 2.2 ounces, Stash will be available in range of colors including blue, green, orange and smoke tints, so make sure you grab your piece before the supplies run out!

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