Lovers of outdoor adventures and camping thrills, rejoice! A new trailer called Hutte Hut is about the hit the market and turn your next trip into a super-comfy, all-inclusive experience fit for a king of the road.

Let’s take a closer look at this fine trailer and all its ins and odds, shall we?

Hutte Hut trailer

Handcrafted from solid wood and canvas by Brian and Katrina Manzo at the Carpinteria Sprouting Sprocket Studio in sunny California, Hutte Hut is small, sleek, adorable and roomy enough to accommodate one or two people. The interior sizing around 44 square feet allows the owner to throw in a bed or bunk, a couple of bags and backpacks and other traveling essentials an avid outdoorsman may need on the go. Basically a stylish canvas-and-wood tent on wheels, the teardrop-shaped Hutte camper boasts a clean exterior design with outer coating crafted from Jobert Okume marine plywood and its arched roof made from rigid fabric for optimum rain protection. On top of that, there is also the sideways-opening door for easy access to the trailer interior, a couple of well-positioned large windows for lots of natural light and all the basic amenities (with a touch of vintage) a traveler may need during their outdoor adventure are snugly fitted inside. Now that’s what you call compact yet functional, wouldn’t you agree?

Hutte Hut teardrop trailer

Lightweight, comfortable and charming, Hutte Hut is still in the prototype stage but the couple behind this original trailer design is planning to go into production soon and start building these sweet mobile rooms using a computer-controlled wood-cutter, so you’d better keep an eye out on fresh updates if you want to get your paws on your personal tent on wheels before other campers do.

Interior design of the Hutte Hut

With Hutte Hut, you can truly travel in style and comfort and thanks to its innovative design and optimal space management, you will always have everything you need right there at the tail of your car. Intrigued? Make sure you check this stunner out before you start planning for your next camping trip. [via]

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Inside the Hutte Hut teardrop trailer

Wooden construction of the Hutte Hut trailer

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