From the mind of Jyo John Mulloor comes the creepiest way to provide protection to bikers and cyclists. This Dubai-based digital designer has created images of 4 different helmets with the theme of bare human heads. Influenced by trompe-l’œil, an art from which uses realistic imagery to create an optical illusion that the depicted objects exists in three dimensions, Mulloor used 4 different helmet types and combined them with images of almost entirely shaven heads. Hats off to the designer for creating these images, but still, we can’t help but feel a bit weird about this design because the helmets look good and odd at the same time.

Human Head Helmets full motorcycle helmet

The ears on this models add to the “creepy” factor

Design Boom reports that these helmets aren’t real products yet, but they do open a new level of personalization when it comes to protective gear. However, wearing one of these is sooner or later going to confuse an officer of the law and you might find yourself being pulled over for not wearing a helmet. The 4 helmet designs he made include a motorcycle helmet with ears, a bicycle helmet and a vintage helmet with goggles included.

Human Head Helmets vintage helmet with goggles

These helmets increase the level of possible helmet personalization

Too bad Mulloor didn’t go for a helmet with a visor because we would very much like to see how would that look. Whether you find these designs weird or not, Mulloor did create something interesting and out of the ordinary, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing bikers wearing these if they hit the production line. [via]

Human Head Helmets bicycle helmet

The bicycle helmet doesn’t look as weird as the rest of them

Human Head Helmets 4 models

Here are all four helmet models Muloor designed

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